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    • Thanks for the excellent job done on our garden. It is now a truly beautiful garden. I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone at The Landscape Guys, for the hard work you have contributed to this beautiful garden. David Yu - Rossmoyne.

    • I just wanted to let you know that the Landscape Guys team have done an amazing job at our new place. The quality and attention to detail was amazing and we were blown away by how quickly it all came together. Thanks again! Laura.

    • Thanks for the tips regarding maintenance of the turf & decking. Now that we have a great outdoor space in the front yard we’ll make the most of it. Once again thanks to you & your team for a great job, if we can recommend The Landscape Guys to any of our friends or colleagues we won’t hesitate to pass on your details. Cheers, Wayne & Chris.

    • Hello Roger. Following your company's superb installation of synthetic turf and edging at our residential property in Spearwood during 2009/10, I have some info for you. Apart from the aesthetic benefits of an attractive, green, maintenance-free area for recreational use all year round I have noted the following water savings. Our block is about 800 square metres.

      The house is 5 x 2 with double carport and driveway so much of the area is already accounted for. However we had lawns at front and back before replacing them with synthetic turf and reducing the garden area:

      Pre-installation (all areas natural grass and garden beds): Water consumption 430 - 450 kL/year. Post-installation (synthetic turf and border garden beds): Water consumption 230 kL/year. A saving of over 200,000 litres of potable water /year.

      These are huge savings in water use from one residential property. This order of water savings dwarfs the Water Corporation's "save 60" type programmes. I think that many people in WA have not yet got the message as to how difficult our future water availability will be, but at this rate of savings the case for synthetic turf type alternatives to lawn are clear. It may not be for everybody but it has certainly been a great result for us. Many thanks. Doug Ingraham, Bsc, Grad Dip Chem Eng, FRACI