Benefits of Artificial grass over Real Grass
November 2, 2015 Artificial Grass No Comments

    • Needs no watering
    • Needs no fertilisers
    • Needs no herbicides
    • Needs no mowing
    • Won’t get eaten by grass grubs & other insects
    • Dogs love it
    • Great for childrens playgrounds
    • Looks great in shady areas where natural grass just won’t grow
    • Won’t die off in the summer heat
    • Saves money with no reticulation needing to be installed & maintained
    • Warranty 7 -8 years on residential lawns (and should last much longer)

Benefits of Artificial grass over Real GrassHave you thought just how wasteful we are with our precious water supply by still trying to grow real grass in our urban environment? This is especially wasteful in a city like Perth with its declining rainfall and some of the poorest soil in the world! On top of this we add Nitrogen and Phosphate fertilisers as well as herbicides, that all leach into and upset the balance of our precious waterways.

When it comes to lawns, the usual scenario is that we install an expensive irrigation system and then buy turf and roll it out. It all looks great to start with but then we have to start watering it regularly and applying fertiliser to keep it looking that way. We then need to purchase a lawnmower to keep it under control but this costs money and time, not to mention the harmful pollution and greenhouse gases that result from the combustion of a fossil fuel.

Most of us with limited space need to pay for the disposal of grass clippings and when weeds start coming through our grass, we apply toxic herbicides to keep them at bay. This wouldn’t be so bad if we only had to do it once but with real grass, this is a process that needs repeating on a regular basis over the life of the grass.

Real grass is a plant that requires full sunlight to grow properly and so over time any areas under constant shade will start to look unsightly. Areas that experience heavy traffic will also not grow well as grass can only tolerate a certain amount of damage. For this reason, after just a few years, many suburban lawns need to be completely replaced or require expensive de-thatching work to keep them looking healthy. This doesn’t make sense when today you can have a quality synthetic grass that not only looks and feels great but you can have a lush, green lawn all year round.

Artificial grass is not suitable everywhere. It’s not much use to a dairy farmer for example but for most suburban gardens it is a logical alternative to real grass saving huge amounts of water, work and worries with virtually no maintenance and gives you more time to focus on doing the things you enjoy.

Synthetic grass is especially suitable for areas that undergo a lot of wear such as Day Care Centres, Kindergartens and Primary schools. Fake Lawn is made with different lengths and densities to suit all requirements from sporting surfaces such as cricket pitches, bowling greens, football fields and golf putting greens to residential yards, school playgrounds and more.

Artificial Grass is not just for people. Dogs love it too but you do need to pick up their droppings and wash down the areas where they urinate in summer but say goodbye to all those brown patches. Our quality synthetic grass is also designed to let rain water drain through to the soil below, even from the heaviest storms. If installed properly it will take heavier rain than most real lawns without resulting in any run-off.

Most domestic installations should last about 15 to 20 years with virtually no maintenance required. Just think of the massive savings of both money and time over this period.

artificial grass astrodeckSo before you spend money on real grass, consider the wonderful alternatives that are available. Synthetic Grass has come such a long way and most people have trouble distinguishing it from the real thing these days. Come and see our wide range of artificial grass at Astrodeck Warehouse. You will be so glad you did.

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