Artificial Turf isn’t suitable for pets

Busted! We have installed artificial turf all over Perth and the consensus is that their pets are very happy. Dogs and cats (and children for that matter) run, roll and play just as they would on any regular lawn. Solid waste needs to be collected and disposed of in the usual way, urine needs to be watered in from time to time to keep the area fresh. If you do find odour is a problem, contact our friendly staff for more information on our BackyardFresh and UrineFree applications.

Is Way Too Expensive

Not in the long run!  While the initial outlay for quality artificial turf is greater than planting lawn, it pays for itself in the long run.  By choosing artificial turf, you will save on reticulation installation and maintenance, fertiliser, herbicides, mowing and water.  This coupled with an 7-8 year warranty for residential lawns  makes artificial turf a smart economic choice.

It gets too hot

This we have to say it true to a degree.  Artificial turf can get quite hot in certain locations but  unlike concrete or pavers which retain their heat, it cools down very quickly. On the hottest days, a quick spray with your hose will cool the grass down in a matter of seconds.

It looks fake

This was the case in the early days, however the new generation of quality artificial turf can look very realistic.   In fact most people don’t even realise that it is artificial until they run their hands over it.

No Maintenance is required

Sadly this isn’t totally true.  While almost all your lawn care chores are eliminated with by choosing synthetic grass, it does still needs a little TLC.  An occasional rake/sweep over to remove any debris, along with removing the odd weed that may grow through and a squirt with the hose will just about do it.  That doesn’t sound like hard work does it?

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