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Low Maintenance
People lead busy lives and would prefer to spend their weekends enjoying the garden rather than working in it. Our client base varies from busy Professionals, to FIFO families and Seniors who aren’t quite as agile as they used to be and like to spend time travelling. Saving time and their back is without a doubt the number one reason people contact us about artificial turf.

Saving Water
Did you know that more than half of household water is actually used outside the home? These are staggering figures as we all work to conserve water for future generations. Replacing lawn with artificial turf is a great way to save money and a precious resource.

Ongoing Costs
While the initial outlay for artificial turf is usually greater than traditional lawn, this is soon re-couped through savings in mowing, reticulation, fertiliser and herbicides. With a 7-8 year warranty on residential lawns people can be sure the savings are long lived.

DIY and impatience
We really have not got the time or patience to wait for grass to grow, we want our lawn and we want it now! You may be surprised to hear that with the right tools and instructions, artificial turf is quite easy to DIY, in most cases people are enjoying their new lawn within one day! Those who are unable or don’t have the time, can have their turf expertly installed while they are busy working or out enjoying themselves.

It looks great!
Unlike traditional lawn, artificial turf looks great all year round. There are no problems with sun, shade, wind, dryness or traffic. Our beloved pets can do what they do best and the garden will show no ill effects. The materials are so advanced that visitors won’t even realise that it’s fake!

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