Environmentally Friendly

While we all love the look and feel of timber around our home, none of us enjoy the thought of cutting down trees, especially in old growth forests .   The great news is Composite decking is made primarily of plantation bamboo (Traditional) or rice husks (Superwood) and recycled polyethylene.   There is very little waste and any material that is left over can be recycled!

Great for DIYers

Composite boards generally come in 5.8m lengths with a 140mm width making them easier and more efficient to work with.  Unlike timber there is very little variation ie, warping, knots, natural defects to take into account, so there is little or no waste.  The boards are secured with concealed fixing clips, so no ugly screws to work with.   The boards don’t need any special skills or techniques, they can be cut and sanded just like regular timber.

Low Maintenance

Composite decking is resistant to rot, doesn’t splinter and termites don’t eat it!  This coupled with there being no need for stain or sealer saves precious time and money. 

Longer Life

Composite Decking is toughened and extruded under high pressure making it a strong dependable  material.  Depending on the product, Manufacturer’s generally offer a 7 to 15 year warranty, making it a great long term investment.

Looks and feels great!

The attractive wood grain finish and range of colour options make it an ideal option.  It doesn’t splinter and feels great underfoot.   In fact most people won’t even realise it isn’t “real timber” until you tell them.

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