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We at ASTRODECK like to make things as easy as possible for you when you are planning your own Synthetic Turf installation.

Not only do we offer you top quality turf at Perth’s best prices but we also also supply everything you need to get the job done as a “ONE STOP SHOP” and deliver it all to you FREE! (for sales and hire a $1000 plus)

Just select the turf of your choice and we can also provide the correct amounts of:

  • Crusher Dust
  • Tape, Fixings and In-Fill Sand
  • Aluminium Garden Edging

You can also hire the following for the job:

  • Plate Compactor
  • Sand Spreader (large or small)
  • Power Broom

* This equipment not only makes your job so much easier but also produce a professional finish.

We will also check your plans to help with the correct amount of turf
and other materials required.

  • Free delivery for all orders including hire over $1000 (otherwise delivery fees apply)
  • Extra charge if hire equipment is to be picked up by us upon completion