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When you want natural looking grass that lasts for years, looks great, is environmentally friendly, needs no watering, no fertilisers, no herbicides and no mowing then Astrodeck's wide range of new generation Artificial Grass is the answer.


Residential, Commercial and Playgrounds – Premium imported – all with 7 years warranty


for schools, sports clubs, residential & commercial

Why choose Astrodeck artificial grass?

    • Needs no watering
    • Needs no fertilisers
    • Needs no herbicides
    • Needs no mowing
    • Won’t get eaten by grass grubs & other insects
    • Looks great in shady areas where natural grass just won’t grow
    • Won’t die off in the summer heat
    • Saves money with no reticulation needing to be installed & maintained
    • Warranty 7 years on residential lawns (but will last much longer)

Where can you use Astrodeck artificial grass?

    • Residential lawns
    • Commercial lawns & parks
    • Playgrounds
    • Bowling greens
    • Putting greens
    • Cricket pitches
    • Soccer grounds
    • Netball & basketball courts
    • Ideal for DIY and Landscape professionals


Further Information

Astrodeck’s artificial grass will save you time and money that is wasted trying to keep your grass growing and looking good. Now you can spend time just enjoying your grass without wasting lots of water, let alone all those expensive fertilisers and herbicides that often wash away into our precious ground water.

Astrodeck can provide you with a great choice of artificial grass to suit Australia’s dry climate, whether it be for lawns and playgrounds or specialised sports turfs, such as soccer, cricket, netball and tennis. You can get short dense turf for golf putting green, long, thick and lush artificial grass for homes and all lengths in-between. You can even get different colours for playgrounds and sports surfaces. We can even include white line markings built-in for your sports grounds, saving you even more time and money for years to come.

Australians are taking to artificial grass and are so surprised when they see the quality and choice that is available. No more of the obvious “fake grass look”. The new generation sophisticated artificial grass from Astrodeck looks just like real grass, and in our hot summers it doesn’t die off and go an ugly brown like real grass often does. And yes, we give you a generous peace of mind warranty up to 7 years for your new artificial grass, something you’ll never get with real grass!

Astrodeck’s artificial grass is available to landscapers, for your DIY projects or you can ask our qualified staff to install for you.

"Complete DIY packages quoted for you including Turf, Joining Tape, Fixings, Infill Sand and hire of Sand Spreader. All turf kept in stock but please allow one day from order for preparation"



Whether you would like a quote for a professional installation or interested in Doing It Yourself, call us today on 9418 5602.  For the DIY enthusiast we even hire out the equipment you need to do the job properly, check out our HIRE EQUIPMENT page.