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plate compactor

Plate Compactor

You will need one of these to compact your base of crushed blue metal. When you have spread and screeded the blue metal you need to wet it down with the shower setting on your hose before running the compactor over the whole area. This will show up any low or soft areas so top them up with more crushed blue metal do another screed and then do another run over with plate compactor to achieve the ideal compaction while still having excellent drainage under the turf.   Rate: $75/day

Power Broom

These powerful little Stihl machines are the key to getting your synthetic lawn to look its very best.

All synthetic turf has a bias in the fibres as it unrolled and the job of this tool is to brush up the fibres so that they are standing as upright as possible before you begin to drop in the infill sand. Then after the sand is in the top of the turf you will need to brush it several directions to make sure that it is spread evenly and cannot be seen from above. Without using one of these you will be brushing for hours and will still not achieve anywhere near the same quality of finish.   Rate: $75/day

Sand Droppers

Think of the alternative to a sand dropper that drops your infill sand exactly where you need it. Shovel it on and hope you get a good spread or spread it by hand like you are feeding the chooks! It would take hours. With this easy to operate machine just fill up the hopper and release the lever to drop the sand as you move across the lawn and you will see exactly where you have been with just the right amount of sand to be brushed in to the turf. Small 25kg or large 75kg spreaders to make life easy.    Rate: Large – $75/day, Small – $25/day

Turf Cutter

This strange looking machine is a god send if you have existing turf that needs to be moved to make way for your new lawn. Just set the depth and hold on tight and this clever machine will cut out your turf ready for you to roll up and put in your wheel barrow. Certainly beats cutting up little sections of turf with your spade and then digging them up piece by piece. You will love it.    Rate: $100/day


This large bar leveller will save you stacks of time if you need to level a large area. The large wheels take a lot of work out of the job and a few runs in all directions will move the base around to fill any holes and give you a great level site.   Rate: $35/day